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04 Aug 2017

Sometimes to sell more, the sellers got penalties from or Amazon account suspended by the Amazon performance team because of their irresponsibility and out of discipline activities. In any online shopping sites, if the sellers are not able to satisfy the buyers, then there will be several complaints lodged against the sellers.

The reason for suspension of Sellers

As per the terms and conditions mentioned for the seller of Amazon account, if they are unable to comply with the same then they have to face Amazon account suspended. In order to recover their Amazon account, they need to write an Amazon appeal letter to the Amazon performance team.

You must be wondering that, why these accounts are suspended because the sellers don’t comply the standard and policy mentioned by the Amazon performance team. Also, other main reasons are the complaint made by the buyers regarding worse quality and un-following return policy.

If above issues will be occurring frequently, then Amazon admin team will send a suspension letter on your email id and block the view of your products on Amazon pages. The main aim of Amazon is to provide a satisfactory and optimistic shopping experience to the buyers and that’s why it holds up several sellers to fulfil every wish of its buyers.

Amazon Suspension Letter when Amazon account suspended

The suspension letter comes with genuine template or common template and in this letter they will mention the exact reason for suspension and you have to rectify your all errors and have to make an appeal letter accordingly and it depends upon their decision to give you another opportunity to start selling again with corrected product quality policy and return policy.

If you have repeated same issues in second - time opportunity, then you will be completely wiped out from Amazon registration account.

Taking necessary action to get activated as seller of Amazon

Releasing additional listing and remove fake dialogues, improvement of the quality of goods according to price and appropriate return policy for the buyers with suitable payment option either by NEFT or CREDIT CARD or MASTER CARD or cash payment on delivery.

Then only appeal letter might be approved by the admin department or performance team of Amazon. In order to write an appeal letter, you must take help of an expert writer with proper heading and subheading.Take help of an experienced person who can drive you towards the right path with right wording against the suspension letter issued by Amazon account holder.

Hence, your problem may overcome from the suspension status and you might get an opportunity to work with and a short explanation of each. As buyers don’t know the difference between sellers and Amazon authorizes persons, they directly make a complaint to Amazon. Also, if you are selling brand materials of other owners, they also raise a complaint of their brand issues. It is the rights of each manufacturer to promote own branded products. So, Amazon restricts this types of issues and send suspension letter to the seller.


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