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17 Jul 2017

Amazon is targeted to provide a real time customer shopping experience with great satisfaction. But due to some careless sellers or operation employees, buyers make severe complaints near Amazon as they assume seller as the part of Amazon. So they make complain to Amazon directly.   As per numerous complaint received from buyers or customers, the Amazon performance team starts a review assignment on the seller’s product or sales operation and if they find the truth of the customer’s complaint and after such kind of frequent complaints, they consider the seller to be suspended or penalized. If they suspend the seller account, then their suspension letter will be as follows.

Sample of Amazon suspension letter



We have stopped your Amazon selling privileges due to frequent complaints from customers regarding the sold items received from you. Please find below some items or other issues of the listings we got complaints about:

Complaint Type: Incomplete Item

Numan: I have received some part of the item and all part or accessories of the item are not received as per declaration.

Complaint Type: Item Not declared

Joseph: The item I booked on Amazon site is not sent to me. I have received the item, which is not declared on the Amazon site.

Our aim is to maintain a trustworthy and ideal online marketplace for both buyers and sellers; we apply immediate action if the complaint of buyer regarding the terms & condition and authenticity of products is identified as true. You can find our previous emails about buyer issues in the URL of notification section of Performance of Seller Central.

Your plan of action

If you are still interested to reinstate your Amazon selling privileges, respond to our message with a proper Amazon plan of action that contains the following:

1. Explanation of the issues that created the buyer’s issues.

2. Any additional information you wish to inform us.

3. Clarify the steps briefly you have planned to resolve the complaints and ensure about the non-repetition of the similar complaint again.

To have more information on submission of Amazon plan of action, search “Amazon appeal the removal of selling privileges” in the section of Seller Central Help.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to ask our Seller Support team through the contact us form.

Our next action

After your appeal letter with the proper plan of action, we’ll review all the information you have sent and revert back to you with the proper answer within 2 working days. As per our response, we might ask you to revise your existing Amazon plan of action or additional details. If your new plan of action satisfactorily resolves the complaints, we will consider about reinstating your selling privileges.

Our treatment after reinstate

While your Amazon seller account is restricted, a fund reservation system may be applied to your accounts and it will be used for guarantee claims for any complaints and if any claim has been raised by the buyers, it may be deducted from the funds in your payment account. You can clarify the same from our payments-investigate team.

Please submit your appeal letter within 17 days with sufficient plan of action, otherwise, we may remove your products selling listing and funds will be in reserve mode.

Learn more information

Sellers should clearly understand our terms and conditions regarding product descriptions and sales operation. For more information, Go through “Product Detail Page Rules & Guidelines”, and “Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions” in Seller Central Help section.

We appreciate your earliest cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Seller Performance Team


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