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21 Apr 2017
Customer fulfillment is one of the most important performance measures, to discover performance measures Amazon provides account health option in seller central window.

How to create an effective plan of action of action? Before writing I suggest knowing how some about Amazon control program. Why Amazon hold to account? Why do you need to create a plan of action of action? How does seller performance group controls not have the seller? You may think why I need to comprehend all this stuff? Let me tell you it will help a lot to develop a Amazon appeal the removal of selling privileges and also reduce your other questions.

So the Amazon plan of action is nothing but "8 step troubleshooting method" This is why seller performance group ongoing ask for another plan of action. (why...why...why)

Now, what occur with many sellers like us ...We do not comprehend real cause first or do not create a solution to resolve the issue and just giving unique solutions? I suggest seller to first comprehend real cause, discover and apply the solution and to develop a plan of action to ensure that that does not occur again. That's the main idea here.

Please also note you will get restricted response, don't give unique solutions or inadequate plans. You can imagine email quantity to maintain thousand of seller globally. If you need helping hands to do all procedure - Find the main case and then write Amazon plan of action.

The way Amazon manages business called Trim six sigma business control. It may seem unidentified terms for Sellers like us. Simpler meaning can be " is a structured, data-driven approach and technique for removing problems (driving toward six standard diversions between the mean and the closest requirements limit) in any procedure – from production to transnational and from item to support."

In other words, it is ongoing company enhancement program to remove problems using information. The system measures problems on time to ensure that it settled. So when vendor's support or item have more problems, Amazon stops us (suspends) and ask for a plan of action. Now problems can be in various form like late delivery amount, faulty item, losing item, safety issue and all information you see in performance tab are types of problems in Amazon eye.

So Amazon has this technique to evaluate problems amount and if improves above certain restrict they stop us and ask for a plan of action.

How To Reactivated Amazon Suspended Accounts

Amazon seller account is banned or suspended then you would like to appeal and supply an awful reason for Amazon. Amazon doesn’t specifically tell you what you've got done incorrectly thus you may have to be forced to discover yourself.

Seller Account Health is with different factor program. You have to look at it to see where you went incorrect. You may have recently got a negative or a claim that would take 5 points away. One way you can bring it back up is to deliver quickly. If your items get to 3 days or so you get an additional benefit of 1 factor.

Create an Amazon appeal the removal of selling privileges depending on your errors; ensure that in the plan of action should have a clear description to successfully details to get over the issue. Once you’ve created your Plan of Action appeal it to Amazon seller performance group.



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