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15 Mar 2017
As an Amazon seller, you’re pretty used to things going in a straight line fashion: set up an account, publish your listings, attract customers and their purchases, and then program and deliver products to them. Until one day it doesn’t — you log on to figure out your Amazon account has been suspended. It’s an email no merchant wants to see, and yet it happens consistently. There are many companies who take an up-to-date look at why your money has been suspended and what you can do to have it fixed again.

Customer fulfillment is one of the most important performance measures, to figure out performance measures Amazon provides account health option in seller main screen. This Account health signifies how well you are doing as a seller on Online Shopping: Shop Online for Cell phones, Guides, Timepieces, Shoes and More.

The Basic Guidelines In Account Health & Reason For Suspended Amazon Account

• Order Problem Rate
• Termination Rate
• Delayed Delivery Rate
• Come back Discontentment Rate
• Policy Violations
• Contact Reaction Time

Seller Account Health is with different factor system. You have to look at it to see where you went incorrect. You may have lately got an adverse or a report that would take 5 points away. One way you can bring it back again up is to deliver quickly. If your products get to 3 days or so you get a reward of 1 factor.

How To Reactivated Amazon Suspended Accounts

If Your Amazon account suspended then you would like to appeal and supply an awful reason for Amazon. Amazon doesn’t particularly tell you what you've got done incorrectly thus you may have to need to figure out yourself.

Write an Amazon appeal letter based on your errors; make sure in the plan of action should have a clear description to successfully details to get over the problem. Once you’ve created your Plan of Action attraction it to Amazon seller performance team.

Plan Of Action Checklist:

• Discover out your mistakes
• Get ready an action intend to get over the above mistakes
• Know more about Amazon performance measures

If you required any help regarding Digital Marketing, item picture capture (product photography) solutions, account releasing, and handling & improve your sales the service providers will help you. There are so many authorized service providers associate with Amazon. They provide seller account starting & control solutions for Amazon. The Seller Account Opening & Management (SAM) program provides a hands-on strategy to support and growth of Amazon sellers.

They need to allow sellers a reasonable process to attraction their Amazon account suspended they need to make sure that and genuinely get statements are not used by different sellers to get rid of their competitors.

Amazon needs to make sure that the Amazon marketplace is a reasonable place for customers and sellers and the need to secure each participant of this marketplace. They cannot allow sellers fraud sellers or customers’ fraud sellers are the other way around. They need to secure each participant in this marketplace.


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